Get Your Boyfriend Back . . . If You Want Him

After a break up, you will receive an assortment of advice.

Most of your girlfriends will take your side, especially if you ex broke up with you.

“He’s a loser. Let him go,” one will say.

“You’re hot. Find someone else,” another will add.

But you love the schmuck and true love doesn’t come around everyday, unless you are a Kardashian.

What’s a girl to do?

Trick him of course.

Listen, we love them but men, they’re not that smart. And odds are, you’re smarter than your ex.

Understanding the way a males mind works is not that difficult and understanding will ensure you will be bitching about him leaving up the toilet seat in no time. However, before we go any further, you must accept two things.

One, if you grovel, game over!

Two, he will call and it doesn’t matter who broke-up with who. So let him be the first to pickup the phone.


You hear some women say, “I never understood what he was thinking.” Well, this might come as a shock, but men and women think differently and a break up shows that very clearly.

As a girl, you need to sit down and discuss your problems then find a solution.

Your ex-boyfriend, he will want to be left alone to think and to sulk.

You might think he’s behaving like a kid.

And you would be right.

Men never really grow up.

Why do you think he gets so excited over cars? sports? the new super hero movie?

Concealed inside all of them is a small child and when he’s emotional, the little boy takes over his actions.

Recognizing this fact about men, makes his actions a lot simpler to comprehend.

When the he runs off someplace to pout, treat him as you’d a small boy. Simply ignore him and go on with your life.
When your ex boyfriend sees you can have a great time without him and you have interests, he will start to question his decision.

When he calls, don’t be a pushover. Let him sweat a little. This will make him want to win your love back. Use psychology to consistently keep him guessing and he will be your guy forever.

Here are four other tips to jedi mind trick the big lug into coming back:

1. Identify Your Blunders

No one is perfect all the time. You probably could have done some things differently in the relationship. Identify these “problem areas,” and work on them.

2. Become Balanced Emotionally

If you are still feeling rage, sadness or depression, you are not balanced emotionally and this will come out during curial moments. Also being balance emotionally is important so that your relationship can be viewed  in a rational and non-biased manner.

3. Be Your True Self

Relationships change people and sometimes it’s for the worse. If it’s the latter in your case, you have decide if you ex brought this out, or if it was just circumstances. Regardless of how it turns out, remember who you are and start from there.

Written by: I Left Venus For This

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