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What Do You Think about Yourself?

More than the impact of any other influence on your mind is the impact of your own thinking. What do you think about yourself? You will find that most people become what they think about themselves.
If you are thinking why people all around you are finding love and why you are behind in the race, then probably you need to look within your own mind first. Have you built some invisible barricades around yourself? Probably you are telling yourself that you are not worthy of love. Probably you are stopping yourself from reaching out to people on account of that. It is because of such things that people start looking at you negatively too. After all, if you look at yourself myopically, people are going to do the same.

There are two things you have to bear in mind here…

→ Never think that you are incapable of anything. Doesn’t matter how difficult or unattainable that objective seems at the
moment; don’t let it limit your potential.
→ Think beyond what you can achieve. Always. Always keep challenging yourself. Whether you are chasing your personal growth or professional growth or looking for a relationship, always try further than people tell you can go. If you have belief in yourself, that should be more than enough to keep you going.

How Optimistic Can You Be?

You have to be optimistic.

If you give it a thought, it is optimism that has kept us going all through the ages. If it weren’t for hope, people would have given up, communities would have faltered, countries would have perished, the world wouldn’t have sustained itself the way it has. Optimism has kept us alive all through.
And, now, when you are hoping that people will fall in love with you, it will be optimism that will illuminate your path.
You are hopeful that people will love you. That is, they will appreciate you and accept you for what you are.
Do you think that will happen? Are you apprehensive about acceptance? If you harbor such apprehensions within yourself, then these apprehensions manifest themselves outwardly as well. If you don’t have confidence within, people can sense it. They can understand that you are not on a sure footing. This can jeopardize your chances of finding love, and finding success in anything.
If your intention is to succeed… in anything… then the most important thing is to build an unflagging amount of confidence within yourself. This comes through optimism. Be hopeful that positive things will happen. That will give you the confidence to try out new things. That will give you the confidence to approach people in the way you should.

Like Attracts Like

In improving your way of thinking, a very important contribution is of how positively you can think. Shun all the debilitating thoughts and move ahead.
Believe in the Law of Attraction, which says… Like Attracts Like.
If you think positive, then positive things are going to happen to you. If you believe staunchly that something will happen, then everything around you will align itself in such a way that these things start taking shape. That’s the power of optimism. Be optimistic, and you will find things actually happening the way you believe them to be.

Written by: I Left Venus For This

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